Got this email from a pro sportsman the other day, so decided to go public about what I personally think about taking Insulin as an aid to bodybuilding…

Hello Mr. Hart,

I am a professional athlete from Albania, and I must say that I am a big fan of yours. I have read your Layman’s Guide and it has helped me a lot, really a lot. I must say that you are one of the few experts in the world of sports, that is open to talk about steroids, and steroid use.

The question I’ve got for you is, lately, I’ve read a lot of articles and heard a few things about the use of Insulin as a growth hormone. I saw that you haven’t written a lot for this particular steroid on your books, just some basic things, and to be very careful with this one.

Now, what do you think about the use of this steroid? Is it really as powerful as they make it out to be? Is it the same thing like the insulin people that are diabetic use? What dosage would you define as “safe for use”. What side effects does it have?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Jurg***,

I have never used Insulin as an aid to growth hormone in my bodybuilding career nor would I ever recommend that anyone do so. The reasons for this are simple. If you are not a diabetic then you should NOT be using insulin as an addition to your body – ever!

Sadly now I am a diabetic and for that cross that I have to bear I have to take insulin but that is not by personal choice but for the fact that it keeps me alive.

If you make ONE mistake using insulin as an aid to bodybuilding i.e. for the purposes of vanity, then you risk the chance of killing yourself.

Should you make ONE mistake then the chances of it being fatal are increased by each use.

Please, for the record, do NOT use insulin if you do not medically need it.

Train hard and be strong,
Mick Hart

“For anyone considering steroid use” This is a MUST READ… Layman’s Guides to Steroids I and II

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Professional Bodybuilder and 6 time Mr. Olympia winner Dorian Yates sits down with London Real to discuss how his “High Intensity Training” techniques changed the sport, the specifics of his steroid use and its effects, how he psychologically reinvented himself after his abrupt retirement in 1997, and his thoughts on conspiracy theories, psychedelics, and cannabis… enjoy the video!

Here are some of my favorite comments that I found under the video about the reality of steroids in sport.

* Dorian’s the people’s champ. The silent guy from the middle of nowhere who went from the bottom to the very top & never once bragged about it. Bodybuilding is a sport full of big egos along with the muscles & Yates? never displayed that. He’d show up once a year, beat his competition, then go back to train for another 364 days, truly “The Shadow”. Legendary.

* Wow i have so much respect for Dorian after watching this the dedication this guy had for perfection was awe inspiring bro? your a legend!!

* Awesome vid.? I am petrified of drugs so I wouldn’t do it, but I wouldn’t judge the next man that would.

* Its just funny you know, as a kid you look up to guys like Ronnie and certain athletes and music artists with psycho physiques.. thinking if you just lift and eat right you can look like them..? Yates kinda hits you with a reality check. Roids is more common than what most people think.. reality check, BIG TIME

* Dorian yates is by far my favorite bodybuilder he gave me the inspiration of wanting a massive back and to always train 120%. now i dont use steroids im currently 190lbs 5′ 7″ and pretty low bodyfat (of course not in the level of these guys in competion) but one thing ive always hated was people thinking steroids will? turn people into aggressive assholes the REAL cause of “roid rage” is that these guys are being mocked all day calling them fakes, roid abusers, unnatural freaks,

Train hard and be strong,
Mick Hart.

“For anyone considering steroid use” This is a MUST READ… Layman’s Guides to Steroids I and II

WARNING: Don’t read this unless you are ready to GAIN Serious Lean Muscle> “Layman’s Guides to Steroids 3.0

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