Anabolic Steroids – What to tell your Doctor

“Hi there Mick,

I went to my doctor the other day to try get some nolvadex for my up and coming cycle and apart from that being a failure he started ranting and raving about how steroids prematurely harden your arteries etc.

What is your thought on this,is there any evidence of this happening or is just when, like you say, people abuse not just use steroids is that why people such as Arnold and other former pros have had bypass surgery,and if this is the case is there any supplements worth taking to try and minimize this from happening.

Your answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and i think your No Bull magazine is awesome.

Regards, Sean.

“Hi Sean,

Ask yourself this: how many people do you know of who have died of steroids directly? Ask your doctor this too. But then consider how many people have died of cigarettes, booze, cocaine, heroin and put the figures against those of strong, fit bodybuilders. Ask him that!

Also, ask him to compare the strength and fitness of said bodybuilders, the way they train, the way they eat, attention to detail, the pride in which they like to see themselves against that of the world they live in. Ask him to take a look at his patient lists and see the many illnesses that have accumulated due to the abuse of “legal” drugs such as the above.

Then he may see that a bodybuilder who chooses to take a safe, sound and controlled minimal dosage that if used correctly will enhance his physique, is on a better road than most of his patient are at the present time.

Also ask him to get his head out of his fucking arse and actually study the modern test results we have now, methods we use and reasons why we use the gear AND can do so in safety and not to live in the past basing his knowledge on what what his dusty old books said years ago.

Also ask him to understand that because bodybuilders choose the life they do, they are not necessarily rampant, crazy, monsters that hide behind their muscles in order to intimidate everyone in their paths.

TELL him that we do have these types of fucking nutballs in our community as ALL communities have in their own worlds, but it is not the norm.

The majority of us just choose to train, eat, feel good AND look good because we like the way that a training life gives us. He will have his life and loves, we have ours.

Finally, tell him to go fuck himself and tell him I told you so.

Train hard and be strong,
Mick Hart

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Mark Wilson January 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Sorry Mick – but this get’s my blood boiling!
Why should Doctors give us Nolvadex? In fact, why should they do anything for us? We are not ill, not ailing, not sick……… why the fuck should we expect the NHS and it’s not unlimited resources to be expended on us?? As you say in your response, used sensibly, there is minimal risk from sensible steroid use so just get on with it.
The NHS gets an annual budget to care for the health of the UK. There are women in this country dying of cancer because the NHS cannot afford the correct drugs for them. Should that budget be spent examining us and prescribing us Nolvadex??? For fuck sake, ‘Sean’, buy your bloody own Nolvadex and leave your GP alone!
It’s our hobby, our choice, our life-style. Let’s not expect someone else to foot the bill for it!


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