Bodybuilding Over 60 – Diet And Nutrition Tips

Well let’s continue to see what Alan has to say about bodybuilding over 60, and I must say I was well impressed with his diet tips…

“My weakest body part by far is my chest; I have made very little progress, weight-wise, with pecs exercises – hence the alternative exercises for extra stimulus. The osteopath believes this “weakness” is related to the condition of my cervical (upper) spine, where vertebrae have boney edges, causing engagement with the radial and other major nerves in the upper arm.

However, he has given me clearance to do squats, which I am now introducing to my training after an interval of over 20 years! My strongest body parts, by virtue of weight used, are my quads; I can handle 300 kg + for 10 reps on the leg press.

Training is the “fun” part of the action. The hardest part of the total bodybuilding over 60 package is, without doubt, nutrition for me. I know that I have eaten “cleanly” for an entire year, with little or no cheating or resort to processed (unhealthy!) food. I have to cater for myself, so can be really hard on myself -

But … am I getting enough? I have no idea!! Before I started training, I had weighed 158lbs for as long as I could remember. My top weight, – about now, in fact – has been 177lbs (80.2kg), so I guess I’m doing SOMETHING right! Try as I might, I don’t seem to be able to go much beyond 80kg, at a height of 69’’.

Measuring percentages of carbs/protein/fats intake isn’t exactly rocket science, I know, but I have NO IDEA how to do this for myself. This is where a personal trainer SHOULD be able to advise AND produce the figures to determine my optimum food intake. I have never had a bodyfat measurement taken either.

These are serious omissions, I believe, where I MUST get good advice and guidance for me to make a very REAL impression next time around. Dieting down for that competition was sheer guesswork and absolutely horrific, as I didn’t know what I was heading for. I tried proprietary fat reducers … but couldn’t sleep!! I did lose 4 – 5 lbs though but I was by no means “cut”! As it is, my daily diet is roughly as follows:

Breakfast: Always the same, every day! Half grapefruit, bowl of sugar-free muesli with skimmed milk, 2 whole boiled eggs, wholemeal bread with olive margarine. And … my life saver, to set me up for the day – a pot of tea (skimmed milk, no sugar) and a glass of water.

Mid morning / pre-workout:
250 ml skimmed milk, 60g whey protein powder (75%), banana, dessert-spoon flaxseed oil – all in blender.
Glass of water.


Various options on cold meats (3 slices ham, corned beef, or similar) OR small tin tuna, with hard-boiled egg, mixed salad, French dressing. Two glasses water.

Mid afternoon (OR IMMEDIATELY post workout)
250 ml skimmed milk, 75g whey powder, teaspoon creatine, 2 teaspoons raw brown sugar, 1 teaspoon cocoa – all in blender.

Various combinations of chicken fillets or joints – oven-cooked or in casserole. Potatoes, green vegetable OR fish fillets, beef casserole, spag bol … other pasta. Water.

Late evening:

Fat-reduced yoghurt with 30g whey protein. Water.

Supplements taken daily: 1 multivit tablet (for the over 50′s!) 2 tablets glucosamine with chondroitin. 1 capsule vit E. 1g vit C. 4 dessicated liver tablets. Creatine as above (4 week cycle, then one week off). Then 4 capsules ZMA before bed.

So … now you know ! And, if I can do it, then anyone can. Just my example has prompted three young and up-and-coming guys at the gym to say that they want to try their luck and will be competing next year – and I hope I’m around to see that they do!

At least, I’d have someone to oil up my back, wouldn’t I ?”

Cheers Alan for this excellent contribution as an introduction to my Layman’s Steroid Guides 1V, that will include a special chapter for bodybuilding over 60.

Train Hard, Learn & Be Strong,
Mick Hart.

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john November 14, 2012 at 8:16 pm

more bullshit m8… your son never went from that to that in 11 months….ive been bodybuilding for 6 years steriod free and still dont look like that… you should be ashamed of the lies you are telling people….money talks bullshit walks


webblog November 22, 2012 at 11:55 am

hi John – i did approve your comment, just so others can give their opinion regarding my honesty.


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