Discussing “Short” Vs “Long” Steroid Cycles and Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone - Wondered how you feel re HGH, have a few friends on it who claim great results. Would you see better results over say Deca/Sustanon? Can you combine it in a cycle? Just curious, i do not know much about it. Frank

Hey Frank, Love the stuff – period! It’s best to combine with a full mass building cycle. The one that you are now on would be just fine mate! Let us know how you get on. We will be covering the GH question in detail in the next issue hopefully.

Short v Long cycles Mick? Do you oppose short cycles? Let’s say cycles of 5-6 weeks as opposed to 8-10. If you do then why? What am I looking for here? I seem to develop acne easy while on the gear even at low dosages so I though that shortening the length of the cycle rather than the dosage was better than lowering the dosage. As you know a lot can be bad BUT so does too little also. I am trying to contemplate this avenue first before moving onto less androgenic/anabolic gear. Watcha think?

Tim, I have done in the past simply because the cycles that people have given WITH those stacks have been horrendous to say the least. Although I do not like to speak ill of the dead, Borrenson’s cycles were always like that. No disrespect to his family. The other thing is this. If acne is the problem, short cycles would be the best way and even so I would not go to high as is some peoples present thinking. Go for a six week course but on the FIRST run just make it a tad over what I would call a normal dosage mate – like I said just a tad! OK anti acne drugs are available, but I am not a great lover of them at all.

Equipoise stack – I would like some advice on what would be good to stack with equipoise to become stronger and gain some size. I need to know how much to take and how often to take it. I would also be interested in any suggestions you might have on something different you would recommend.

Hi Mate, I would personally use say sustanon or another longer acting test with EQ. I have never been a great user of the stuff to be honest simply because I find that it is so similar to Deca in its actions, or rather those that it gives. So those are what I would use with it personally. I would also put 1ml in the same syringe as the long acting tests too.

Conditioning? Again, I would use it in place of deca say in a Winstrol, EQ and Primo cycle as an example. However, there are many that have gained pretty well on EQ alone so the ‘plan’ as it were is not always one to go for. Another good way to stack EQ is with propionate at 1ml every 4 days and the EQ at every three. Again many different plans but I prefer the first.

Deca and Test Cyp? Mick, do you feel that combining Deca with Test Cypionate is overkill? I know it may fix the dreaded deca-dick, but what about effectiveness for muscle mass? I followed your Dianabol cycle with good results (from the Layman’s Guide II) I would like to do a cycle of just Test Cyp and Deca, watcha think? How would you stack it?

Another thing – I keep reading everywhere that the Deca/Dianabol stack is one of the world old wonders @ 400ml Deca/week and 5 to 8 dianabol per day for 6-8 weeks, TRUE or BOGUS?

Hi mate Most certainly not an over kill mate. Most cycles are developed over years after trying and testing the best basic methods that gain BASIC size and strength – test and deca will always be a main stay for me simply because they work so well together. The addition of dianabol is a major boost without a doubt. I would always fit them together. The results and successes from such a fine basic cycle are far to many to be proven wrong. To answer your last question? Definitely true!

Dosages I have 34 100mg vials of primobolan depot and 350 Andriol tablets also 150 dianabol tabs what kind of a cycle can I make of this and for how long and what doses of each do I take all of them at once or spread them out through the day. Thanks.

Hey mate, With what you have, I would go on an 8 week cycle run Primobolan 1 shot every four days Dianabol 3, 5, 7, 9, 9, 7, 5, 3 Nolvadex at 20mg per day EVERY day and for a week after too. You could use Andriol with this cycle from the start, but see how you go with the dianabol for the first 3-4 weeks and if your gains are starting to show, finish with the dianabol all the way.

That way you can see just how you do on a dianabol oral which is a good base to run all other cycles from IF you use dbol again. But if things are slow, try the last 4 weeks with Andriol also on 3 a day for the first week, then 5, 5 again, to taper down to 3 again. Split the orals into two lots.

Train Hard, Learn and Be strong,
Mick Hart.

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ian March 12, 2009 at 1:20 pm

could you let me know the best way to stack deca\dbol and test e. looking forward to getting your laymans guides just want to know if your able to help until i get them. thanks mate ian.


peter March 13, 2009 at 4:31 am

i have a 25 vail of GH 4I.U i want to know how to use or stack them with other steroids


Dayle March 18, 2009 at 4:16 am

Mick…… You are the MAN!!! I’m an All Black loving shithead but a down to earth kiwi joker. I love all your stuff. I need your help mate. I’ve been buggering around with free weights only on an off for years an never amounted to much. Yeah i know…… too much piss an kai. I’m bloody coming up to fifty years old an i still want to get big! I’m 6’3″……..280 to 300 lbs an active for an old bugger. Am i being too hopeful relying on the gear mate? I genuinely await your reply mate.
Thank you


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