The Pros And Cons Of Taking Insulin – (Part 1)

Following the vast number of mails and postings I have seen recently on the ignorant and often dangerous usage of insulin in the bodybuilders’ arsenal I felt that this article had to be written. A trend has once again arisen amongst bodybuilders and athletes alike, whereby insulin (along with GH) are now seen by many (the ignorant) as the ‘key’ or secret that all the pros are using.

At this point I would like to stress out loud the word ‘BULLSHIT!’ Pros are pros for a number of reasons – mostly because they have great genetics and/or dedication to their complete bodybuilding lifestyle. In the same way that pros may use AS, insulin is a tool that helps get the job done, not a solution. As a tool, if it is used, it should only be used for the job it is needed as unlike with AS, misuse can/will kill you almost instantaneously.

I know Mick isn’t a fan of taking insulin and I cannot blame him for that with the loss of two of his friends from it. The fact is though, that bodybuilders will take it regardless. It is my intention with this article to at least show you the safest way it can be used, should you decide to go down that road.

It is a basic guide aimed primarily at the bodybuilder who is not diabetic but is self administrating insulin as part of their bodybuilding regime. I have used insulin myself on a number of stacks and am currently using it now. As with everything I take I did one hell of a lot of research on it first. I am so glad that I did or else I may not have been here to tell the tale.

This year alone I have now heard of 3 deaths in the UK alone resulting from the usage of Insulin (and at this time of writing we are less than HALF way through the year.) As it’s usage increases I am 100% sure that this figure is going to increase.

This fact alone is terrible but also the fact that as the media etc. get hold of this new trend and how athletes are dropping like flies, this can only bring our sport into disrepute and as usual bodybuilders and all bodybuilding drugs will get the blame. It is sad but true, yet I know that at least if you are taking the time to read this article and this magazine, you are one of the sensible ones amongst us, who is at least concerned about bodybuilding safely.

Before even contemplating taking insulin it is vitally important that you do your research. You should first understand the warning signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia; what to do to prevent it and what to do in the event of it. Not knowing this information you may as well go to your local funeral directors and try and get a discount for an early booking.

You also need to know about the various types of insulin; how they will effect you, their peak times and administration of the correct dosages (which is the biggest mistake made by people). You also need to look at your goals. If you are on an all out bulking regime then done correctly with good timings it may well work for you. However, if you are looking towards losing body fat or have a fair amount anyway, insulin would definitely be something to avoid, as it will add body fat to you as well as helping muscle gains.

If you are contemplating taking insulin, please take the time to read, digest (and read again as many times as it takes) this article so that you are aware of the risks and consequences. One small mistake in dosage, type or diet could be potentially fatal… (Coming Soon – Part 2)

Train Hard, Learn And Be strong,
Mick Hart.

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Perry June 4, 2010 at 8:41 am

Stay away!!! easy !! good food, proper taining and maybe a little gear once those two other things are in place, why risk you life for a small plasitc trophy !!! you cant beat hard work and nutrition !


anth June 9, 2010 at 5:44 pm

I have started taking insulin and the effects have been good,i only take 1iu every other day and for me it has worked.I got mine from a pharmasist and he educated me before i started.


gloria garcia April 6, 2012 at 5:56 pm

I have been on insulin now for a year I have put on weight but when I was on Byetta I lost weight.I wish I could g back


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